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We are the specialist Duplex Type strainer manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India. We offer precision-designed Strainers to our esteemed clients to meet the specific requirements of removing foreign particles in flowing applications or services. Excellent finish, good pricing, and timely delivery are big attraction factors for our regular and new clients.

A duplex strainer is installed in the pipeline systems where the flow cannot be stopped such as chemical process systems, lubricating systems, salt, and freshwater systems, fuel lines lubricating systems, sewage water systems, cooling water, condensers, compressors, pumps, fire line, and positive suction head service.

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A Duplex strainer is similar to a Basket strainer and usually consists of two separate strainer baskets. They have a cleanable basket that traps suspended solids. These strainers manufactured by us are designed for applications where the flow cannot be shut down to service the strainer screen. Between the two baskets, a valve handle is placed to divert the flow of liquid to one strainer while the other is being cleaned. Changeover is accomplished by the use of butterfly valves. Each one of these Strainers is individually designed based on free flow area and pressure drop allowance values as required for the application. Duplex strainers are very economical because they are fabricated as per your specific requirements and with your choice of valves. We also provide a customization facility for our valuable customers.

Duplex strainer or twin basket strainer is a kind of filter constructed into a piping system of gas, oil, or water and used to remove big particles of dirt and debris. Usually, the duplex strainer system comprises two distinct housings for strainer baskets. The system also includes a valve handle between the two boxes to divert liquid flow to one strainer while cleaning the other. The valve will work automatically on some strainers and a self-cleaning procedure will be performed by the strainer.


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